HOPE for Survivors

Have you recently been through a disaster and need assistance?

The Hope Family Thrift Store is pleased to assist you during this time of need.  In order to receive FREE merchandise from our thrift store, you must receive an ADRN Survivor Wristband from a Disaster Assistance Center or by calling ADRN’s Survivor Hotline, 512.806.0800.

ADRN Survivor Wristband

During scheduled pick-up time, every survivor wearing a wristband will receive FREE clothing, shoes, linens, pillows, undergarments and personal hygiene items as they are available, by appointment only. Please bring your entire family to shop at one time. If you have any questions, please call: the Survivor Hotline 512.806.0800.

Quick Steps
  • Call Survivor Hotline, or
  • Visit ADRN Disaster Assistance Center
  • Get ADRN Survivor Wristband
  • Make Appointment with HFTS
  • Pick Up Goods at Scheduled Time from HFTS

The HOPE Room

Hope Family Thrift Store’s HOPE Room is a special area for merchandise that is specifically saved for the survivors of disaster. It is never for sale to the general public. Corporations and individuals donate these items to be given directly to the survivors during times of disaster, sometimes including:

  • Linens & Pillows
  • Clothing & Undergarments
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Miscellaneous Household Items

In order to receive items from this area, survivors must have the ADRN Survivor Wristband as provided by ADRN’s Disaster Assistance Center or by calling:

Survivor Hotline 512.806.0800