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Jan 10, 2020 written by Tech

Hello fellow thrifters! You’re a fan of Hope Family Thrift; I’m a fan of Hope Family Thrift…see, we’re already friends! And since we’re friends, I want to tell you about some exciting store news, fashion thrift tips, and just generally brighten up your January day. After all, what are friends for??!! And if you read all the way to the end of this post, you’ll see the TOP SECRET discount phrase that will save you even more money in the next few days!

Now you already know the basics: Monday through Saturday, 10 to 6, a monthly half-off color (January is orange), crazy low prices, and everything from baby paraphernalia to workout gear. Maybe you know that money made at Hope Family Thrift goes to their mission of providing support for disaster survivors and their families. I hope you’re aware that in addition to shopping at Hope Family Thrift you can donate gently used items like furniture and household goods.


CLASSIC BLUE: Now gather ‘round fashion devotees. The 2020 color of the year is already out and lighting things up, which makes sense as it’s Classic Blue. Not royal blue and certainly not navy blue, this is the velvety deep blue that appears after sunset right before the sky fades to black. It’s a delicious color and of no surprise, there were many things of that color at Hope Family Thrift!

This beauty of a dress was already on display and a mere $6. Very form-fitting with faux fish scale design. And is that an orange tag I spy?

There were tons of women’s tops ranging from $3 to $5. Hello bargains! This Talbots top with its very cute button design on the sleeves and at the waist was VERY tempting to this thrifty shopper.

Guys can definitely get in on this color act with some great dress shirts, sweaters and even a tie with Classic Blue as contrast to wider stripes of sky blue. And by the way, the tie is Geoffrey Beane, silk, and priced at a mere $2.00. You’ll have to excuse the $4 Cookie Monster plush doll who would NOT take no for an answer! Even though he’s totally the wrong shade of blue, he insisted on being a part of the picture.

Clothes weren’t the only thing getting in on the pictures as there were plenty of housewares and accessories of this gorgeous hue. I don’t know which I love more – the dramatic vase ($8) or the equally eye-catching peep-toe suede pumps ($14). Those earrings are a mere $3 and look fabulous.


A Holy Bible with a beautiful cover, a box of cute rubber coasters with a seashell motif and a set of fabric placemats and napkins continued our color theme.

With prices like these I can’t guarantee that any of this will be in the store much longer but you need to know this month’s HOPE sale is a double doozy! HOPE – which is Half Off Practically Everything* – will be on Saturday, January 18 AND Monday, January 20. Put it on your calendar right this second! Speaking of this second…ALL BOOTS ARE HALF OFF AT THIS VERY SECOND THROUGH THE SALE.

Now…drum roll…the super duper magic phrase that will give you 15% off your entire purchase between now and the 18th (when you’ll get 50% off of everything) is CLASSIC BLUE DISCOUNT. Just say the magic phrase – CLASSIC BLUE DISCOUNT – at checkout and your ringer-upper will give you the discount. Yippee!

Until next time, Happy Thrifting!
The Thrifty Snicker

*Items not 50% off at the HOPE sale include vintage, antiques, specially marked furniture, and a few specialty items. If you’re not sure, just ask.

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