Crochet Couture

Feb 20, 2020 written by Tech

Gather ‘round frugal fashionistas as the Thrifty Snicker has some high-brow, low-price February fashion news to impart. One of the spring 2020 runway fashion trends that got everyone sitting up and taking notice is crochet! That’s right – crocheted dresses, tops, skirts, outerwear and even accessories have been spotted in fashion lines from Kate Spade to Fendi.

Now we’re not talking Granny’s shawl here! Uber gorgeous, flattering crochet pieces are on trend right now and I’m sure you caught Kim K’s short crocheted dress just last week when she and Kayne hit the London-town celebrity scene. Alas, your bargain blogger was all set to join them for a soiree but she missed the limo and had to content herself with some late-night girl chat with Joey King – herself recently spotted sporting a purple crocheted knit cap.

Lest you think your favorite diva of discount is just some bubble-brained slave to fashion, let’s explore crochet in a bit more detail, shall we? The word “crochet” is the French word for “little hook,” which makes perfect sense as it’s a little hook that makes it possible to turn yarn into beautiful designs. Other fun facts about crochet:

  • It’s faster than knitting but uses more yarn.
  • The world’s largest crocheted granny square was made by Stephen Duneier of North Carolina. It measures 1,311 square feet, weighs over 60 pounds and took more than two years to make.
  • It’s credited for saving lives during the Irish Potato Famine. Irish crocheted lace became popular world-wide in the mid-19th century and due to its popularity, many Irish women and girls were able to make enough money to feed their families or even to immigrate.
  • Crocheting has been found to improve coordination and math proficiency.
  • Crochet is chunkier than lace although where one ends and the other begins is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.

But let’s talk about how Hope Family Thrift can make you the paola of your girl gang with crochet couture at next-to-nothing prices. The photos show just some of the crocheted tops and skirts that were available on a recent swing through and there were even more garments with cute crocheted embellishments on sleeves and necklines. Yes, that long sleeve black top is a White House / Black Market, a boho crocheted purse was only $6 and, oh, the shoes! Darling, darling shoes with a crochet vibe were everywhere! Tops and bottoms run $3 to $6 and shoes $6 to $9. So, so much for so, so little!

Of course crochet is, by design, open and transparent so tops and skirts either have a built-in modesty panel or are designed to be worn over a slip or cami. Hope Family Thrift can help you out there too!

With spring practically knocking down the door there’s just so much to tell you but you’ll just have to wait until the next missive from your expert of economy. The magic discount phrase from February 20, 2020 through February 29, 2020 (yes, 2020 is divisible by four so it’s a leap year) is CROCHET HOOK. Tell your cashier CROCHET HOOK when you pile up your new fashion finds at the checkout desk and they’ll take 15% off your purchase.

Until next time, Happy Thrifting!
The Thrifty Snicker

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