Mar 25, 2020

Easter Thrift

written by The Thrifty Snicker

Well! Don’t we live in interesting times?! Now before you read another word, your oh-so-hygienic blogger wants you to go wash your hands. RIGHT NOW! As you know, cleanliness is next to thriftiness.

As your Princess of Parsimony is typing these very words, Hope Family Thrift is open for business. However, as these past few days have so often demonstrated, things can change in a flash so you might want to give them a quick call before you run over. The number is 512.467.4940. In the meantime, extra efforts are being made to keep things sparkling clean and sanitary for those looking for fabulous finds.

Easter is coming! The most important holiday on the Christian calendar celebrating the central event in Christianity, many of our celebrations include traditions like Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts and gift-giving. According to WalletHub, Americans spend about $150 per person at Easter – food, baskets, gifts and goodies. Darling readers, doesn’t that seem a tinsy bit over the top? And perhaps even unwise when all of us are looking for ways to make uncertain dollars go farther.

Your Bargain Blogger to the rescue! You can give fabulous and delicious Easter treats if you just think outside the box, or in this case, the basket. There’s absolutely no reason why you should purchase a new Easter basket when there are literally dozens of baskets for sale at Hope Family Thrift. Just to prove her point, at her last visit the Thrifty Snicker walked the store and counted all the baskets she could find – more than 60 – and that didn’t include all the other possible containers that with a bit of imagination would serve as lovely containers for family member gifts. All for just a dollar or three! And if saving enough money to be able to go for the good chocolate doesn’t convince you, (your Thriftress does not think it a coincidence that Godiva contains the word “diva’), please keep in mind that plastic grass, plastic baskets, and most treated wood baskets are simply not recyclable. Sooner or later all that stuff ends up in the landfill – forever.

These precious co-worker gifts were made with 75 cent (reusable!) jars from Hope Family Thrift, paper grass, and some store-bought goodies. And for the dino-fans in your house, tell them they’re dinosaur eggs! The kids will love whatever goodies and toys you put in their Easter container and everything you need except the candy is available at your favorite thrift store. You’re getting the picture now…a trip to Hope Family Thrift will save you a holiday bundle on Easter baskets and Easter décor. That’s a smart move for your wallet and for Mother Earth who seems to be in a particularly cranky mood right now.

But never in a cranky mood are the store’s wonderful cashiers who will cheerfully knock 15% off your purchase if you use the discount phrase – EASTER BUNNY. Just say EASTER BUNNY and it’s a done deal of a deal! Another thrifty factoid you need to be in on is a change in policy on 50% off color tags. The discount color tag is now changing weekly rather than monthly so just check and see what what’s on sale when you arrive. And if it’s not half off this week, it’s bound to be half off very soon.

Stay washed, well, and away from others and until next time, Happy Thrifting!
The Thrifty Snicker

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