Mar 10, 2020

Hope Family Thrift’s 5th Anniversary

written by The Thrifty Snicker

Can you believe our very favorite thrift store is celebrating its fifth anniversary? From its seat-of-the-(discount)-pants beginning to all of its thrift glory today, the Thrifty Snicker wants to be among the first to shout: Happy Anniversary Hope Family Thrift!

From almost the beginning, a thrift store seemed to make sense given that part of Austin Disaster Relief Network’s service is to provide clothing and other needed items to people who have experienced a disaster. Why not let the community shop and raise money for the mission at the same time? Of course, imagining it and making it happen are two different things! There were more than a few obstacles and unknowns at the beginning but with God in the driver’s seat thrifty things began to fall into place.

For example, where does one obtain literally thousands of matching hangers…at no cost? The store had a small selection of donated hangers but just like in your own closet, odd hangers all hang differently and get tangled up so in a perfect world the store would somehow acquire enough hangers to fill its clothing racks. Now darlings…your Discount Diva can spot a knock-off Dior at 20 paces but math is not her strong suit. With calculators in hand, store managers measured and plotted and multiplied and estimated and determined that 8,000 hangers were needed to get donated clothes on the racks and in front of shoppers. Not long after, store manager Rita was browsing a chain store and happened to ask the salesperson what ideas she might have for finding free hangers…that matched. “Well,” came the reply,” “our corporate headquarters recently changed our hanger policy and we have to use a certain kind of recycled hanger so we had to pull all our old ones. They’re boxed in the back and we have to find a home for them – we’re not allowed to throw them away.” Of course, she had no idea how many they had as the boxes had been sitting in the farthest recesses of their storage room for months. Twenty-two very dusty boxes as it turned out, each one holding 365 hangers. Do the math dear reader – 8,030 matching hangers. Your Thriftress believes this is exactly what Luke meant when he wrote of God’s generosity – good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.

Five years in and store workers have seen some unusual things including a pallet of Spanish Bibles, boxes of CBD gummy bears, and a complete set of taxidermized bullfrogs playing tiny little instruments. And, my friends, the Thrifty Snicker being a life-long learner has learned that frogs playing instruments are actually a “thing.” People collect them! Oh, the stories these walls could tell.

But let’s tell some bargain stories! The traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is wood and woodn’t you know (a little joke!) Hope Family Thrift has a veritable forest of lovely wooden wall hangings, decorations, serving pieces and furniture. From rustic to modern you’re sure to find a fabulous addition to your home for a very few dollars. Your Bargain Blogger loved the bowl with woven sides and oh, the three-piece set of Mission-style living room furniture for under $500 had her swooning. Other handsome furniture pieces made of wood abound if you’re looking to upgrade or fill an empty spot. Take a look at these pictures!

Speaking of unusual donations, the find de jour on her last store visit was a $10 shark blanket! Staff Associate, sorter extraordinaire, and all-around bundle of fun, Cricket, was recruited to model it for you, dear reader! More on Ms. Cricket in a future post but in the meantime, more evidence that you never know what you’ll find when you shop at Hope Family Thrift!

Now, the half-off color for March is sunshine yellow and the magic discount phrase from now until March 24, 2020 is HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. When you take all your bargain finds to the cash register just tell them HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and you’ll get 15% off your already thrifty purchase. We’ll talk Easter next time, but in the meantime, Happy Fifth Anniversary Hope Family Thrift!

Until next time, Happy Thrifting!
The Thrifty Snicker

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