Jan 20, 2020

Let’s Celebrate National Puzzle Day

written by The Thrifty Snicker

Hello again thrift friends! My head is still reeling from this month’s HOPE sale; I hope you were there and found as many wonderful bargains as I did. My wardrobe AND my pocketbook are very happy. You would think tumbleweeds would be rolling through the store this week but I’ll tell you, shoes are still in stock. Hope Family Thrift received an amazing donation (think truck-load…then another) of shoes and the only room we have for them is in YOUR closet! Tap dance your way into the store and take advantage of shoe selection AND prices.

In case you weren’t aware, January 29 is National Jigsaw Puzzle Day and wouldn’t you know, Hope Family Thrift is right on target with many to choose from. I know what you’re thinking: kids these days are only interested in their tech toys. That’s largely true but let me tell you, adults are a different story and puzzles are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Even more satisfying than finding the piece you’ve been looking for is all the good stuff jigsaw puzzles do for your brain. Check this out!


Puzzles improve memory, especially short-term memory. They help improve problem-solving skills, can increase IQ by as many as four points and can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Sign me up! Your princess of parsimony needs all the IQ points she can get! And here’s another puzzle point of information that will perk you up…science has shown that working on a jigsaw puzzle allows your subconscious mind to work on other challenges you may be facing – so while you’re looking for the puzzle piece with brown on the edge and yellow on top, that brain of yours may come up with the perfect solution!

Know what else puzzles do? They improve your mood! When you finish a puzzle, or even get one piece in the right place, your brain releases happy chemicals like dopamine, which also improves memory and concentration.


I’ll tell you what else makes my brain happy…amazing prices at Hope Family Thrift Store! A recent visit solved the puzzle of the universe – okay, not really, but it did reveal a marvelous selection of jigsaw puzzles, many still in their original wrappers. There were 300 count puzzles, 500 count, even puzzles with 1,000 pieces. And for the kids, some great children’s puzzles including this steal of a deal Janod Princess Vertical Puzzle, brand new, that retails for $24.99 – $8 at Hope Family Thrift!

Now I know what that bright brain of yours is thinking. It’s saying, “How do I know that all the pieces are there? It would be terrible to find the night sky missing a piece of the moon or the Champ de Mars minus half the Eiffel Tower.” Ce serait terrible! But fear not my frugal friend. Let me tell you about Hope Family Thrift’s puzzle protagonists Stephanie and Sandy. These two are the store’s toy maestros and vet the puzzles as carefully as they can without actually putting them together. Puzzles with 100 pieces or less are counted and, of course, puzzles in their original packaging will most certainly have all their pieces. Your empress of economy (yours truly) can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your puzzle purchases.


And speaking of…perhaps you have a secret passion for playthings and would love to become a staff volunteer toy specialist. Trust me, I’ve peeked behind the curtain and there’s more toy work to be done than the North Pole on December 24th. All you need to become a staff volunteer is a willingness to commit to a weekly shift sorting and organizing tons of toy donations – the number of hours you work is up to you. Tempted? Drop a line to manager@hopefamilythrift.org. There’s a three-hour orientation for peeps not already part of the organization’s work.

JIGSAW PUZZLE is the magic discount phrase from January 20, 2020 through January 29, 2020. Just bus your bargains to the cashier desk, tell them JIGSAW PUZZLE and they’ll take 15% off your purchase. Nothing to it!

Until next time, Happy Thrifting!
The Thrifty Snicker

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