Also selling on eBay and Etsy

Jun 9, 2021 written by HFTS Online

We are pleased to announce our revived presence on Instagram (@hopefamilythrift), as well as our Ebay and Etsy online stores (both IDs: hopefamilythrift).

The Ebay store features a gamut of items, but the Etsy store focuses upon artwork and decor items, including paintings, pottery, art glass, and other handicraft.

While we welcome online sales to locals, we do not offer local pick-up at the retail store; online sale items must be sent by USPS or FedEx.

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Also selling on eBay and Etsy
Jun 9, 2021 by HFTS Online
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Store Information

13801 Burnet Rd #200
Open Mon. thru Sat. | 10AM - 6PM

RITA DAVIS, General Manager

Online Sales

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