Feb 10, 2020

Valentine’s Day at Hope Family Thrift!

written by The Thrifty Snicker

Roses are Red
You get my drift
It’s almost Valentine’s Day
At Hope Family Thrift!

Hello my prudent pals! ‘Tis the time of year when the Thrifty Snicker lightly turns to thoughts of love and there are few things your blogger loves more than a good bargain.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day so let’s give a shout-out to St. Valentine, a Roman priest and physician who was martyred by the anti-Christian emperor Claudius on February 14, 207 AD. The patron saint of lovers, St. Valentine is also recognized as the patron saint of beekeepers!

But your queen of cut-price digresses…if you’ve not been by the thrift store recently then you’re missing out on some darling Valentine’s Day gifts at seriously lovely prices. Need a gift for your sweetheart? They’ve got you covered. A pretty serving piece for your Valentine’s chocolates? Check. A stuffed animal for a favorite kiddo or a holiday-themed decoration? Hope Family Thrift puts the deal in “done deal!” Really now, why in the world would you pay retail when you can choose from shelves full of barely used (sometimes never used!) gifts and goodies? Wouldn’t you love to save a little loot this holiday and still delight your loved ones? Of course you would! There’s still time before the big day on the 14th – the store’s open every day except Sunday from 10 to 6.

Check out these heartfelt goodies your Thriftress found this week. Adorable large stuffed animals for no more than $6. Lots of pretty ceramic vases, candy dishes, containers and wall hangings for $5 and under. In the craft section there was even a great, big bag of Valentine’s Day themed supplies for scrapbooking or card-making! Love may be in the air but it’s definitely on the shelves at Hope Family Thrift!

You know what else your Diva of Discount loves? Donors! Specifically, donors of popular items like gently-used housewares. Do your kitchen and karma account a favor and purge a few cupboards. Do you really need two hand mixers? What about that electric ice-cream maker you’ve only used zero times? Donate those clutter bugs and support the ministry of Austin Disaster Relief Network. Donations are happily accepted anytime the store’s open – just drive around the back to the loading area.

Now just in case it’s slipped your mind in all the excitement, anything with a gray sticker is 50% off this month. And the magic discount phrase from February 10 through February 19 is SAINT VALENTINE. Tell those fabulous cashiers SAINT VALENTINE when you check out and they’ll take 15% off your purchase. And remember – who loves ‘ya baby? The Thrifty Snicker, that’s who!

Until next time, Happy Thrifting!
The Thrifty Snicker

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