Helping Survivors, Serving Community

The Hope Family Thrift Store was created to help provide support for disaster survivors and families, as well as provide gently used quality merchandise at affordable prices to individuals and families in our community. We offer clothing, furniture, decor, small appliances, household items, toys and more!

Your shopping, donations and volunteer support helps ADRN in their mission to provide needed household items, clothing and shoes to those affected by disaster in times of need. The Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is a Christian, non-profit organization comprised of over 170 Greater Austin churches with prepared and trained volunteers that sponsor families affected by disaster

100% of our net profits support the mission of Austin Disaster Relief Network.

Outside of being a family thrift store offering great items at affordable prices, we also serve as a place where:

  • Volunteers, Organizations, Community Groups and Businesses can partner with the store by donating their time and resources
  • We can raise awareness and support for local disasters when they occur and help is needed
  • We can provide needed goods to families affected by disaster and those hurting in the community through vouchers in times of need

How Hope Family Thrift Store was built…

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers and the thousands of hours they poured into building the Hope Family Thrift Store! Enjoy this video.

Store Information

1122 East 51st Street
Open Mon. thru Sat. | 10AM - 6PM

RITA DAVIS, General Manager

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